About us

About Eagle Team Transportation Services

We will provide rides for your kids for the entire school year or camp session.

Family owned and operated by a husband & wife team who also has been providing this service since 2009 to their own grandchildren. Passion for children is what drives them to want to be the best for you and your children.

Eagle Team Transportation Services, LLC. is privately owned and operated and believes in providing quality service to the families.

Eagle Team Transportation Services, LLC is complex with ever-changing demands, regulations, routes, and needs.

  • Eagle Team transport  kids to and from:
  • Elementary to High School
  • Private and Public School
  • After-school Programs
  • Community Centers
  • Summer School and Summer Camp

Private van available within Coral Springs, Parkland, Tamarac, and Margate.


Eagle Team Transportation Services vans are late model vehicles that are clean and well-maintained. Permitted and inspected, approved by Broward County Department of Transportation.


  • Safe, Affordable and On-time transportation of your child to and from school every day.
  • Cost effective, allowing you more time in the morning and afternoon.
  • Eliminates the stress and headache of sitting in school traffic.


  • Hourly pick-ups at schools in afternoons on time.
  • Transport to and from school/after-care.
  • Transport to and from sports events, dance, clubs and/or extra-mural activities.
  • Eagle Team Transportation Services can help you!!!

Parents trust us

Based in Coral Springs Florida, Eagle Team Transportation Services, LLC., is a privately owned company providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation services for students in the Broward area.

Our objective is to safely transport students to and from school and/or afterschool activities every day. Eagle Team Transportation Services, LLC. is committed to providing families in our community professional and affordable service.

Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and on time school bus transportation for students.

Our Main Goal is always the safety of the students please be assured that we are equipped with the following:

Fully Licensed and Insured.
Screen conducted, on request.
Modern Passenger Vans.
Vehicles meet all requirements mandated under Federal Law to transport children.
Weekly Vehicle Maintenance.

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